4 Health Benefits of Good Hydration

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At The LeverEdge, we pride ourselves in, not only providing whole-home water treatment solutions, but also educating our customers on the benefits of consuming purer, better-tasting water – and consuming enough of it! To that end, the blog post for this week will focus on four health benefits related to consumption of that one thing we all know we need, but may not be getting enough of – water.

Health Benefit #1: Better Cardiovascular Health

Did you know that when you’re dehydrated, the volume of the blood in your body goes down? Think about that for a second…you may already know that your blood carries critical molecular compounds throughout your body. Having smaller volumes of blood will necessarily be bad for your overall cardiovascular health, so drinking more water translates into happier veins and arteries.

Health Benefit #2: More Efficient Temperature Regulation

When your body gets overheated (during strenuous exercise, for example), the blood vessels near the surface of your skin dilate in an effort to cool things off. This is why your face may redden after that first mile or so of running. Being well-hydrated gives those vessels more opportunity to regulate your body temperature, resulting in shorter cool-down periods.

Health Benefit #3: Better Functioning Joints

Water doesn’t only help with cardiovascular and temperature regulation functions; it is also critical in the lubrication of every single joint in your body. From your jaw to your pinky toes, every cell between moving bones requires water in order to provide the lubrication function needed for cartilage and connective tissues to do their job.

Health Benefit #4: Fewer Toxins in the Body

In order to remove potentially toxic chemicals from the body, your kidneys need water as the medium to flush things out. Without enough water, the kidneys cannot do their job, which results in the build-up of toxicity, something that can cause kidney and bladder infections. So, drink up!

After reading through this list, you may find yourself reaching for a nice, tall glass of water. And, you should! But, consider if the quality of your water could use some improvement. The LeverEdge is available as your go-to source for expert advice related to comprehensive water treatment products including softeners, conditioners and filters. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep you and your family drinking cleaner, purer water.

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