3 Ways ISPC Can Help with Project Financing

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The ISPC Headquarters

For many LeverEdge customers, financing is often necessary.

Whether it’s for a water, solar power, or other improvement project, getting a great loan at a reasonable interest rate can make or break the decision to proceed with the project at all.

It’s for this reason that The LeverEdge has partnered with a local consumer financing business: The Independent Savings Plan Company, or ISPC.

Who is ISPC?

ISPC is headquartered in Odessa, Florida, and they work hand-in-hand with the LeverEdge to get customers qualified for outstanding loan options they can use to bring their project dreams to life.

Established in 1983, ISPC has been helping homeowners afford the home enhancements they need to live better, higher-quality lives. These enhancements can range from new HVAC systems to solar pool heating systems.

ISPC provides tremendous value to LeverEdge customers in three key ways. They are:

#1: With ISPC, Credit Approvals Are a Snap

ISPC couldn’t make it any easier for homeowners to get approved for the financing they need. A simple, one-page credit application is all that is needed to start the application process, and decisions are made within just a business day or two, not weeks.

Not only is the application process itself quick and easy, but the credit decision status can be tracked online. If the homeowner has questions or needs to check on something, service is available 24 hours a day.

After the homeowner has been approved for a set amount of credit, the LeverEdge can continue to work with them to refine the scope of the project, procure the materials needed, and proceed with the installation.

#2: ISPC Offers 100% Paperless Transactions

Gone are the days of having to build big loan application packets to mail off on a wing and a prayer. Today, ISPC makes the entire process easy with online confirmations and document submission.

This saves on postage costs by eliminating the need for documents to be mailed overnight, and it results in credit decisions being made even faster.

#3: Ongoing Purchases Can be Made Against a Single Line of Credit

For LeverEdge customers who have needs for multiple home or business improvements, a single line of credit from ISPC can be a fantastic solution. As soon as one project is complete, the purchase of equipment for the next project can be made quickly and efficiently.

ISPC loves seeing home and business owners reap the benefits of cleaner, better-tasting water, improved living and working conditions, and overall better use of resources.

To learn more about how you can tap into the power of the LeverEdge/ISPC partnership for consumer financing, contact us today.

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