The 3 Requirements for Every Solar Power System

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No matter where a PV solar power system is installed—on a roof or standalone—there are three key component groups that are required.

If any of these components is poor in quality or installed incorrectly, the entire solar power system can be compromised. At the LeverEdge, we’ve evaluated the highest-quality solar power equipment currently available on the market today, and we’ve seen first-hand how widely these products vary in cost, durability, and performance.

Requirement #1: The Panel

The most critical feature of any solar panel is its efficiency. A more efficient solar panel will provide more watts of raw power that can either be used immediately or stored in batteries for later use. It might be tempting to opt for a less expensive, less efficient panel just to save some money, but this often extends the time it takes to break even on the solar investment over time.

We recommend using the most efficient solar panel that fits well within the project budget.

Requirement #2: The Mounting Hardware

Because solar panels themselves are heavy and large in size, they require specialty mounting equipment that is built uniquely for this application. Often, the manufacturer of the solar panels themselves also provides the mounting equipment. In other cases, it makes more sense to source them separately. It all depends on the specifications of the project and what works best for the optimal outcome.

Mounting hardware is also important for overall system durability. A more secure solar panel will stand up better to heavy winds and rainfall.

Requirement #3: Inverters

The electrical energy that comes out of a solar panel is in the form of what is called ‘direct current’. Direct current electricity is simply a term used to describe electrons only flowing in one direction. An inverter is needed to convert direct-current electricity into alternating current electricity, which is what can be used by other appliances throughout the building.

A high-quality inverter will perform the function of DC-to-AC conversion efficiently, reliably, and quietly.


Bringing It All Together

The LeverEdge knows how to identify the right equipment for the right solar power project. When you’re ready to get started on your path to more energy independence and lower electricity costs every month, contact us.





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