iSwim is Different by Design

The engineers at Solar Hydronics Corp. worked around the clock to design the best, most efficient design for their newest-branded solar pool heating system. What they developed was iSwim.

With improvement of any pool heater in mind, the first question that engineers ask is: “How can we make it collect more BTUs?” With a traditional gas or electric heater, engineers can just add more burners, or an additional heater coil. With solar, it takes more planning and brain power to come up with a viable solution.

Ridges are the Answer!

Perhaps one of the engineers was eating his favorite brand of potato chips, or maybe he was just struck with genius, but just like a ridged chip gives you more tasty goodness, a ridged or “fluted” collector tube provides more surface area – hence, more heat! And that’s just one of iSwim’s many design features.

Superiority Visualized

All solar collectors are composed of two main parts: the header, which spans the top and bottom of the collector and controls water flow to and from the second main part, the absorber surface, which is the water heating body of the collector. A group of collectors connected together is referred to as an array, which is then connected to your existing pool pump to create your iSwim solar pool heating system.


Fluted Absorber Tubes

Multiple ridges along the outer surface of the fluted absorber tubes increase the surface area, allowing them to collect more of the sun’s energy.

So, naturally, iSwim absorbs more heat than a smooth, non-fluted collector.

Header Anchors

iSwim’s unique header anchoring system was designed to be compatible with all existing roof systems. Each collector is cradled in a manner that will allow for stress-free natural expansion and contraction of the array.

Flexible Expansion Joints

iSwim collectors feature interlocking, flexible expansion joints approximately every six inches across the four-foot width of the absorber that further allow natural expansion and contraction, eliminating buckling and binding stresses caused by temperature variances between collector absorber sections.

Overmolded Header

iSwim headers are injection molded directly over the top of the absorber surface, creating a one-piece, uni-body collector. This is superior to the traditional process of welding the header to the absorber by melting both plastic surfaces, which creates weaknesses in durability.

Advanced Strap Anchors

For further anchoring, iSwim uses a unique strap anchor system that spans the entire array providing additional wind load strength. Based on iSwim’s exclusive design, each collector is individually anchored within the system array to guarantee the most secure installation.

No Flow Restriction

iSwim’s overmolded header not only creates a superior bond, it also eliminates restrictions of water flow as the water moves from the header through the absorber surface. With no restrictions, the water flows uninhibited through the solar collector and back into your pool, producing a more efficient solar system.