Summer’s Coming; It’s Time for Solar!

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With the long summer days comes a glut of sunshine, and that’s great news for people who have installed solar panels onto their homes or commercial buildings. This is a great opportunity for distribution partners to be talking about the solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions available from the LeverEdge. With the all-in-one, ‘kitted’ solar power systems from the LeverEdge, energy savings …

4 Reasons Why Treated Water is Superior

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Man or woman, young or old, we all need water to survive. We drink it, we bathe in it, we cook our food with it, and we’re never without it for longer than a few hours. So, it’s no surprise that water quality is on the top of people’s minds. Most of us just take for granted the fact that …

How to Sell More Solar

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At The LeverEdge, we want our distributor partners to be successful with every product we provide. From whole-home water treatment systems to one- or two-off attic fans, there is a lot of profit margin to be realized. However, among all of the products available from the LeverEdge, solar power generation equipment sales and service rank as some of the highest …

All About Solar Heated Pools

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  One of the easiest ways to prolong swim season is to make pool water more comfortable during colder months. To address this need, solar-heated pools are fast becoming the solution of choice for homeowners, particularly those located in the southeastern United States. In this week’s blog post, we’ll be identifying the most compelling reasons why solar heated pools are …

The Key Selling Points of Solar Attic Ventilation Systems

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Even though it’s technically winter, there are still good reasons to be thinking about solar attic ventilation systems. They can provide many benefits for both home and business owners.   What Problems Do Solar Attic Fans Solve? Solar attic ventilation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency. This goes for virtually any building that …

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Comparing Water Filters

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When it comes to looking for water filters it’s important to know that there are several different options on the market today for filtering your water. The options available include under-the-counter systems, countertop systems, pitcher filters, and faucet attachments. Here you’ll find some helpful information to consider when you are trying to decide on the water filter system that best suits your budget and …

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Ways to Motivate Employees During the Holidays

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Once again, the holidays are here and the festive music gets piped into all the stores and other places of employment along with the holiday decorations that adorn doors, walls, and windows. Most people will try to get into this holiday spirit, but not everyone seems to be able to join in with that happy spirit. As a manager or …

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(VIDEO) Drinking Water System Installation – Step 7 – Sanitize the Holding Tank

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Drinking Water System Installation – Step 7 –  Sanitize the Holding Tank (Video transcript included below.) VIDEO TRANSCRIPT [EDITED]: Hi. I’m Joe McCusker. We’re here at The LeverEdge in Odessa, Florida and we’re going to show you how to install a drinking water system.   Step 7 – Sanitize the Holding Tank   Turn off the feed valve. Open dispensing faucet …